1. Man. I miss the old days of Jake Mace. I'm glad he's happy with his gf. But I'm hoping to see some more current Self defence vids. And that he starts doing it again.

  2. Wow Jake…. I am a beginner though I have been observing more. From this henceforth, I have decided to do martial arts with you.
    You inspire more. Thank you

  3. What do you think of this workout?
    -25 Jumping Jacks
    -20 Straight Kicks (10 per leg)
    -20 Crescent Kicks (10 pre leg)
    -20 Blade Kicks (10 per leg)
    -50 Straight Punches
    -10 Ledge Pull Ups
    -Horse Stance (20 breaths)
    -20 Lying Leg Raises
    -20 Knuckles Push Ups
    -20 Snap Kicks (10 per leg)
    -20 Side Kicks (10 per leg)
    -20 Roundhouse Kicks (10 per leg)

  4. Studying all your videos from London, UK. I have been training daily since I was 12/14. I'm 66y 8m old as of April 2018. All your videos are excellent. 1st Class. And, oh yes, I did European fencing in my teens ( 11 – 20 ) and then took up Shotokan karate at 20. I haven't looked back since then. I seem to want to learn more and improve more in Martial Arts as I get older. The Internet has helped all Martial Artists to pick up useful training techniques from all other styles. Keep up the excellent work.
    Os Sensei ! Jurek, London.

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