1. All of these exercises wreak havoc in my elbow joints. Problem is as soon as I'm back in form, university gets tough and i don't have enough energy to work out and I don't eat right either. I have no idea how to deal with this. :/

  2. I find it hard to keep myself challenged within the "muscle building range" of 8- 12 reps using body weight training. is there any way to increase the difficulty of a body weight exercise like say a pull-up without adding weight?

  3. @FitnessFAQs , You have an incredible body undoubtedly ! Ua videos are really motivating ! Can u suggest me the best exercises to build my chest and arms ! ( I can't do more than 2* 10) Still a beginner ! Thank you 🙂

  4. Have you ever tracked heart rate or calories burned during a workout? Curious if there's a good number to aim for, or if I'm pushing myself hard enough

  5. In one video you talked about shoulder injury. Did you heal it by training rotator cuffs (no stretching)? Did you take any suplements? I feel a bit of pinching when I place my bent hand behind my back and reach up. Also have some painless poping.

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