1. Hi. I’ve done the max workout by Shin Ohtake along with following his suggestions on lean body eating. I wanted to shave off 10lbs and get leaner. It absolutely worked! Love that it’s 20 mins and can follow up with 15 mins up and down high intensity cardio (on bike). Now also following the KETO “diet” which is really almost exactly what Shin Ohtake suggested through his method without calling it KETO. AWESOME RESULTS!

  2. Am greatful 2 max work out programme, I had lipodystrophy around the stomach, I embarked on this programme plus dieting. I am now stabilizing; excessive fats around the stomach a being redistributed & my figure looks better per the compliment from my wife & others. I look forward 2 achieving 100% better results. Thank u

  3. ok for the young ones. At 63 I am not going to start squatting and dead lifting again. I will stick to swimming, cycling walking and yes machine weight lifting. That with a balanced diet I am doing pretty well.

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