1. Funk Roberts. I have no words to express my gratitude for teaching us how to get fit by using basic elements, no expensive equipement and clear results… I love you man.

  2. Funk, what do you think of my 10-10-10 workout?
    -10 push ups
    -10 rear lunges
    -10 rear lunges (other leg)
    -10 leg raises
    -10 spiderman planks
    -10 spiderman planks (other leg)
    -10 plank pikes
    -Horse stance (10 breaths)
    -Side plank (10 breaths)
    -Side plank (other side/10 breaths)

  3. do not do sit ups when you PULL your neck forward, especially over 40! there are tons more ab exercises better than that and that has shown to bring serious neck problems. Remember also, you will NEVER see your abs if your diet is off or you do not have your BMI down below 15% in a male.

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