1. Are you from USA… Cause I am doing my uni there and want to join modeling… Plz answer… And wanna learn more from you bro… Thanks for the vedio

  2. Hey Daniel, I want to do intermittent fasting, however, I work out in the mornings and drink and protein shake right away. How would you recommend to fast while keeping my workout routine?

  3. Ramen noodles, diet soda, mac n cheese, cupcakes, bagels, chicken tenders, corn flakes cereal , hagen daz ice cream , jelly beans , gatorade , grilled cheese sandwiches , candy bars, pizza , burgers and fries , breakfast very important . good luck be patient

  4. dairy is not great for your bones, that was an ad campaign in the mid 1900s by the dairy industry. and dairy is full of chemicals that are pumped into cows, NOT a healthy thing to be drinking

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