1. Finally, someone knows how to properly workout muscle groups and explain em simply. A lot of people manage to overthink their workouts, whatever exercise you are doing rep the shit out of it and don’t settle for 10-12. Shock tf out of your muscles every workout and they will grow. You got kali muscle for proof.

  2. The sound really needs to be worked out in the production of the videos. It is LOUD then you have to turn the sound up to hear him talking. Then it's blasting loud again. . . .

  3. I love Smith machines! I think shrugs from behind on the Smith are better for me. Seated shrugs are great for isolating the movement. The pulling up and rearward DB shrugs also really pump the rear delts! Thanks for telling guys to re-rack their weights. I used to own a gym, and I was very strict about it, had signs up, and if someone didn't do it, I spoke to them about it. Messy gyms with weights all over the floor, and weights still on a bar, make it a challenge for others who are also lifting. I've had women want to use a machine, but it was loaded to the hilt with Olympic plates, and they would have to ask me or someone nearby to unload it for them so they could use it. Leaving weights on bars and machines is extremely inconsiderate for other lifters! I did upright barbell rows for years, not knowing the potential drawbacks, but nowadays, I do a dumbbell movement similar to what you are showing, which I call V-Pulls, starting with the DBs in front of my thighs, and then pulling them up in a V fashion to either side of my body, leading with the hands, not the elbows as I used to do with BB uprights. Cable movements are always great for any bodypart, and they work well for traps too. Thanks for the tips and entertainment, as always!

  4. Kali please make a strength challenge between you and Chris heria , i will really appreciate that and we all going to enjoy this
    Huge bodybuilder vs pro Calisthenics
    I will really love this challenge so please do it and thanx ❤️

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