1. Tried this last night. Loved it but what the hell was that backwards plank thing? I couldn't lift myself off the ground haha love to see the progression after doing this more often

  2. I can tell I'll be gassed out within 15 mins but this is so great for fitness wow! I'll add it to my playlist & keep at it until I can get all the way through keeping pace 💪

  3. Didn’t feel like running so I did this workout. I’m in great cardio shape so this work out was easy in that respect, but I definitely felt uncoordinated and my calf’s took a beating. Think ill do it again with a weight vest.

  4. This is my first time to exercise of Muay thai. But not so perfect how to punch and kick but i finish 48 min. Thank you so for this video. My body so sweet and i thino my stomach has 2 abs hahahha but it feels like great and i love this video… i will will follow this exercise everyday so that i perfect this mua thai exercise for beginner 😉

  5. Very good workout for exercising the stamina, thank you! I just didn't understand is the kick round house or tip but anyway good exercise for stay in the fit!

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