1. I love how they both fit into his old pants at the end of the video. Great couple and kudos to the wife for staying there and obviously being the real motivation behind his transformation

  2. I mean, you could always surgically remove excess skin. You will have a few scars after that but that's nothing compared to being morbidly obese.

  3. Awesome work man, better the loose skin with no fat than tight skin with fat. In my transformation I did not have to lose nearly that much, but even still some of the loose skin is there because I waited too long to start and at 56 the skin just doesn't snap back. Still love the results and I vlogged it in a montage transformation vid. Keep up the great work!

  4. That's one hell of a healthy marriage. The way that he devoted himself to losing all that weight for her sake, and how she stuck by his side long before then? That's true love man.

  5. What you should've done is worked out because now all that skin is a balance of not enough muscle or fat. Enjoy your life You made an amazing transformation and you are amazing for commiting to it

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