1. These ideas are so awesome!!! You inspired me to start working out again at home, having recently dropped out of the gym due to financial reasons, thank yoooooooouuuuu!!!!

  2. I've always really envied people who like to work out because it's so much easier to stay in shape if you don't hate all form of exercise with a burning passion.

  3. Oh my God. I'm totally going to use these exercises. I don't know why but I find working out so much fun, even when I'm absolutely exhausted.
    By the way, what song did you use in the warm up work out? I've also heard it in your intros and I can never find it online haha.

  4. THANK YOU! I think this will really help me:) I have been trying to exercise to help with my mental health 🙂 so THANK YOU!(i dont wanna go to a gym-so this helps me work out at home!)

  5. I’m not able to do a lot of workouts because too many of them put a lot of weight and strain on my knees (which hurt easily from years of soccer). Many of these look doable though!

    I like lifting (barbell and dumbbell) but again I’m not able to workout my legs as easily. I think this workout routine would be helpful!

  6. I looove HIIT exercises 😍 it's always fun doing them 😂 thanks for the video, I definitely got inspired by it! 😉
    I recently decided to stop working out, because it didn't feel like fun anymore and more like I was forcing myself to do it. I just thought it wasn't a good mindset and instead of that I started doing yoga everyday ✨🧘🏻‍♀️

  7. I really love the workout videos you’ve being doing, giving me more motivation and ideas cause I’ve recently started going to the gym. More videos would be appreciated xx

  8. This was soooo helpful! Thanks for making this, definitely gave some inspiration. I love the kicks lmao I would love to try those. I was wondering; do you have an app or video or something where you track the 20 seconds to 10 seconds to 20 seconds etc.? Or do you just set a big timer for 4 minutes? (Now I'm kind of excited to work out too wow, you make miracles happen)

  9. My current favorite workout I can do on the regular (because of access) is stationary bike while I listen to an audiobook. My overall favorite workout is definitely swimming. I just feel so powerful moving through the water, but I don’t always have access to a pool.

  10. When I’m at school I have easy access to the gym, but at my parents place I don’t and have to resort to home workouts, so I’m always looking for new ideas so this video was super helpful. Also burpees to front kicks have my heart lol

  11. Hey, what's up! Great video! Still waiting to hear back from you on whether not you want to work together! Please, let me know!

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