1. Awesome thank you for making these vids..I used to wrestle in high school and now am pursuing a career as a vocalist. These exercises have helped my breathing and physical fitness giving me a boost in confidence which I haven't felt in a long time. Thank you

  2. My persistence is unreal and afterwards I have way more energy. I take into account my sister Sarah and she’s an utter success story on top of that; she is still in just as great shape and she also still uses yoga burn. There’s actually so much value here, I felt I had to provide my story and with any luck you can have as much if not even more success, best of luck to you on your amazing journey! Look at the link https://tinyurl.com/y7bodbot

  3. This was a great work out started easy then progressed to serious sweating!! These 20mins with 20 different exercises are the best ! You are so good and thank you for helping lots of people of which I am just one. Happy 2018 !

  4. Just did this!! ???? Thought it was going to be easy the first few moves but I was soooo wrong!! Very good workout to start my day ???????? now for some Joe Wicks protein pancakes ????

  5. Happy new year, Joe !
    I was wondering if you have any safe, core building exercises for someone living with a low profile feeding tube in the jejunum? I am having a difficult time finding an appropriate, safe workout at home. No one has been able to assist me in this endeavor of mine. I wish to remain as healthy and strong as possible. I am a young 51!
    Thanks for sharing your inspiring workouts!

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