1. Hey hira i m ur new subscriber like ur vlog , best workout 🏋️‍♀️ 👍👍❤️keep it up i wish me luck i m trying to do workout aswell🤔🤭

  2. Even your workouts made me tired. Lol. How you and everybody does it. You are right. Starting, taking the first step is the biggest thing to do. The easiest one is to lay on the couch

  3. Hi, Hira I recently joined u after watching this video.. the biggest challenge I face during my fitness routine is that whenever I start exercise I feel too much pain too too much pain in thies and legs then I have to stop for 3,4 days and then I restart again.. what's the solution ?? Plz guide😭😭😭

  4. It'll be highly appreciated if you can add a link to all the songs/beats used in your video. P.S. you're just the inspiration & motivation I needed as I've started working out lately. Keep up the good work 👍💕

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