1. im 13 and I am 135.8 lb terrible and I try to lose weight a lot I just recently went to the doctor and my doctor told me to exercise more my parents do have a machine (elliptical) and I try every free time I get exercising on there the problem is I don't have that much time and I'm going to stop you there I know older people are going to say "oh you just play on you computer all day." or " you have time you just dont use it well." i dont play on the computer mostly when I use the computer I look up vids like theses or go to youtube music to listen to calming music after a stressful day WAIT ( people are going to say "KIDS DONT HAVE STRESS!!!!!!" hahaha well let me tell you my friend first of all I have insomnia problems (nightmares, can't sleep, or other things usually these nightmares are about my whole family dying and me being the only one alive seeing their lifeless (sometimes bloody)corpses laying down infront of me if you dont get that much sleep it releases stress hormones, second my parent are always fighting even about little things once my mother tried to make my father stab her and when he didn't she tried to go to the kitchen and stab herself I stopped her, third my sister who is trying to go back to college is never around my brother who is two years younger than me ( four years in mental age) is alway playing on his games with headphones and never hears or sees anything I do and never gets hurt mentally or physically in the middle of their fights, fifth I only shower once, sometimes even twice every week sixth my dad has PTSD my mom has Minor depression seventh I have GAD, depression, and trama music and art is one of my only escapes (ALL THIS IS DIAGNOSED BY A PROFESSIONAL I DID NOT DIAGNOSE MYSELF OR MY FAMILY FOR ANY MENTAL ILLNESS MY MOTHER CALLED A FAMILY THERAPIST AND WE WENT TO A OFFICE) my sister is addicted to drugs my dad even found real cocaine in her room (I have seen it myself) I have seen her drunk and or high eighth I can barely get up in the morning and my whole body aches my family is always moving everyday we go somewhere and a dread it in the car squashed together and even fighting sometimes in public my brother is oblivious to all this and my sister can bearly remember most of the time I replaying in my head until my mind is a broken record the reason for my insomniac behavior GAD and some trama my other drama came from school bulling, body shaming, sometimes physical but that stopped this year when my dad pulled me out of school and I go to online school I have one of the best grades as my online teachers say but it still dosent make me happy my dad or mom never praised me even little never say good or even ok my sister may be a drug addict but she is my best friend and the only one who praises me for things like my grades or if I just drew sometime btw I made my profile on digital art my family wasn't always like this and I wasn't always this weight I was a very light child per say but those days are long gone I can barely get up in the morning my sister coming home at 3 my dad high blood pressure and my mom always a dead look in her eye but my brother I dont know how or why but they sheld him from all of this they act and put on little play and my brother has the first class seat I dont take part in the play but I only watch from the side where the peasants sneak in my I feel sad for everyone in my family mostly for my brother who will find out one day unexpectedly and he will break this is the norm for me but my brother II breaks my heart we barely see other family and never go somewhere we want to go I barely see my friends I barely talk to them its a cage I am one of the two doves, one getting its feathers plucked slowly day after day and the other perfect, snow white, pretty and delicate soon going to be slit and stuffed if you came on this video to hate on people who are over weight or trying to lose weight or bully people in real life about their weight think before you speak because you may only make their life worse some people are in situations like me not exact but some worse some not so much people who do that are worse than scum and are selfish and disgusting sorry for this really long unnecessary rant article but I just had to let my feelings out about these types of things but there is way more to people than what seems I may be only 13 curly brown hair puffy cheeks and a mostly positive attitude at school or outside but when I step inside that old house it changes so I beg of you if you are still reading this look more into people look out for ones you care about make sure they are safe and healthy try to help them if they are hurt I know im 13 and I know I may be stupid for writing this but I just wanted to let you know if you are reading this you, you are a beautiful human being be the best you improve help people in need and most of all help yourself I may not know you and I may be a stupid 13 year old I just beg of you dont end it here dont end the life you have ahead to improve you may stay the same but at least I will be worth giving a try dont overdose dont jump dont tie that rope dont walk that street dont drink your self half blind please you have a life worth living and if you end it here ok but im just begging you please dont make that final play on the chess bored please please please fight I may be 13 but im not dumb I can't stop anyone but I can at least try to help you are not alone so please dont jump once something is truly lost one can never get it back again.

  2. Hi! Been following you for about 2 years now and you’re a huge inspiration! I’m just wondering, what was the health problem you had in 12th grade? I’m currently dealing with chronic digestive issues and was wondering if it might be similar

  3. I have tested each and every slimming guide and this plan to lose weight “Yamzοkο Weebly” (Google it) is the one that is effective for me combined with their goods to lose weight. Also I am not consuming much as I was previously, I still don’t truly feel jittery or maybe sense a crash I have shed about 15 lbs ever since applying this item. .

  4. Until a few days ago I was intermittent fasting every day and only ate really tiny portions of not even healthy food. Thanks to your channel I've learned that healthy food can be delicious too. I literally despised vegetables ever since I was a child, but now I'm really starting to enjoy them. Thank you so much!

  5. I weight 58.97 kg at 5’1. As you would probably guess, I would be petite as well. It’s just that, I love food. And I’ve had problems with staying on track so I’d usually give up. I was born in Vietnam so we didn’t have much food so when we came over to America I went full ham after knowing we had good food. So.. I became over-weight and basically had given up. But I see these videos like yours and it lit a spark inside me.

  6. I love you, but I do have to say it's driving me insane that you keep calling it the "calorie thing" and not just "counting calories" lol. But really I'm starting a new weight loss journey and I'm using your videos as a blueprint for my game plan. Thank you for sharing so much (and so many videos) with us! Sending love from Texas!

  7. Yr hands aint slim i can see u r easily get fat girl u need to watch out wht u eat nd do more exercise weight training seriously!,

  8. Hi Liezl Jayne, I've been following you for a couple of weeks now and also got that you regained some weight because you were sick for many months last year. I used to be very skinny until 2 years ago (I was a running addict) until the excessive running sparked off a bone injury. I can hardly do any exercise until today and If I so, its always very painful afterwards. Ive gained 8 kilos which is still completely normal weight but I have the feeling that it slooowly continues. Not exercising and not moving a lot is so frustrating for me. I used to love it . As you have also gone through something similar, could you maybe give me some advice on how to deal with that or even do a video on how to cope with illness,sickness but still trying to lose a little bit of weight. That'd be so helpful.Lotsof love from Vienna

  9. ‌ah your videos realllly did inspire me!! Im 15 and well…im 70kg…thats terrible since just like you,im a small person and you sure can imagine how i feel and look!! I've tried a lot of ways, even taking pills…but that just doesn't work…i was just so happy to find your channel that i almost cried!! I will happily follow you and your advices, thank you so much!!❤❤❤❤

  10. I used the links to try and download the free stuff and for some reason it's not working for me. I really want to try this because this is my last try before I give up on losing weight.

  11. I've just discovered your videos and I absolutely love them! I also gained a lot of weight due to my health issues, and after a long struggle to heal my body, I finally started to lose weight and go back to my normal body shape. The feeling is amazing, I feel healthy and energetic! Thanks for sharing your story and for the great tips and recipes. You're such an inspiration to me! 🙂

  12. The thing is, I don’t want to lose weight. I want to lose fat and gain muscle. I don’t want to have a tiny waist and big butt. I just want to be toned. Thank you for inspiring me cause I just want to slim down.

  13. I’m 11 ganna be 12 on 1st April so in 2 months and I weigh beetween 40-41 kg, I wanna be about 37 kg I hope this goes work btw I am not obese but I don’t like the way I weigh x

  14. I just found your channel so am a new subscriber. I'm also 5'2" and I need to lose 20 – 25 pounds. I weigh 145 and I feel so tired all the time. I'm sick of fad diets, they have work bc I lose motivation. I like what you are doing bc it seems very doable. Your food portions look quite big, so I imagine this will fill me up and keep me full for a while. Thanks for all your suggestions. I am starting RIGHT NOW! ❤💖🇺🇸

  15. Thank you so much for sharing so transparently. I did ballet for 16 years and was always super skinny and fit. Suddenly when I hit 29 I started packing on the pounds and it's been so discouraging after having a great body for so long and I never felt so helpless like this before. In a year I've gone from a size 2/4 in pants to 10/12. It's funny how when you feel horrible about your body it's easy to binge eat because you hate yourself and your body. Several times I had to pack up all the clothes in my closet because nothing fit and buy all new clothes.. and then 2 months later had to do it again.. and again…

    I just came across your videos tonight and have been watching them for over 2 hours now. I am SO encouraged. Especially from looking at your before pictures and it looks just like my body, and seeing what you came from and where you are now. Thanks again for being so open and unafraid of judgment in doing videos on the internet. I hope you will continue and know that you are actually doing what matters most in life by loving other people.. even complete strangers by giving your time to try to better other's lives. <3

  16. Loved this I’m 70 and was skinny as a young girl got ulcerative colitis when 37 lost so much weight then started gaining weight and couldn’t believe how much weight I put on after having my third child. Went to slimming clubs tried to eat healthily for many years now want to lose a stone and this video and healthy videos have helped. Thank you you explain beautifully 😀

  17. Can someone summarize what she did exactly to lose the weight because I don’t hv time to listen to this. I tried to forward thru but I still have no idea!

  18. I need to lose like 20+kg…I am almost 90kg and 1.80m tall(25 y old female) I have been struggling with the calorie diet, I was eating so clean(no sugar/dairy/flour/processed oil/fried) and max 1500cal a day(I was burning between 3000-4000 cal a day total) I did it for 3-4 months and I barely lost like 3-5kg- keep in mind I had plenty to lose from being 85-88kg heavy, I kinda gave up after that for a couple months and stopped tracking, still eating healthy but more I think calorie wise and I gained weight so fast… I'm really tired, I've been trying to lose weight and different diets just like you since 2012 and I've never gone down to under 75kg and when I got that low(75kg) I was practically starving myself to get there…I have no idea what to do, I have some health issues and chronic pain and I really need to lose weight but I don't know what to do anymore

  19. I have commented in this video about 2 years ago. I was 8 kg skinnier and I hated my body.
    I gained weight and now i wish i was the weight I was before… I am obcessed with Food, i want to eat all the time, and know I can't stop. If someone cwl give any tip to quit this binge cycle pls let me know…

  20. Girl, I tried intermittent fasting as well. To lose baby weight. I just couldn't do it. I was so convinced it would work for me since there seem to be alot of people that it works for. I was doing fasted hiit workouts lifting weights 5 days a week and eating in a 6 hour window and had NO energy (especially with a baby under 1) I was up and down in moods as well as my energy. Black coffee was the only thing really fueling me. (1400 calories a day) I swear my body was just not getting enough energy (calories) regularly and holding on to everything >_<. I have recently switched to having my fasted workout at 9 a.m. but then I eat immediately after and have three meals a day one of which is usually a green smoothie. 1800 calories a day and I have already started to actually drop the weight! I also cut back my workouts to 3 days a week of hiit and lifting instead of 5.

  21. You should've included photos of your face during weight loss… One of the biggest motivators for me to lose weight to to slim out my face.

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