1. Just a tip I learned from my trainer, if you do a workout for your chest it will actually LIFT UR FK BOOBS LIKE WOW. Love your energy and everything so keep it going girl xx 🙂

  2. Hey, I just want to help you and this piece of advice is given in a loving way: watch your form I don’t want you to get injured even though you’re using low weight

  3. contrary to popular belief, lifting heavy can actually accentuate curves and helps tone your body up more than body weight/low weight exercises, it’s best to challenge your body ENOUGH rather than being in your comfort zone and seeing no results!!

  4. Doesn’t the bounce after every set kind of take some of the resistance away from the exercise? Like if you’re doing the squat machine and it’s bouncing you back and forth isn’t that making it easier to squat? Just curious, cool video! Very motivating!

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