1. I’m so skinny and when people make fun of me I act like it doesn’t hurt me but in reality it really hurts… it makes me feel unconfident 😞

  2. Mam can you suggest me some way to quick weight gain iam 24 and weight is only 34kg..everyone is teasing me..iam loosing my slef confidence..iam a language trainer when I go to schools even students tease me saying baby teacher..they don't respect me at all..iam hating my life..I hate to go out…pls help me..😰

  3. I'm skinny AF and I always get bullied for it. I REALLY need to gain weight cuz I never fit into the cute clothes I want . I was always scared to work out because I thought that's how people LOOSE weight.🤣so I just started eating junk food and I'm starting to gain BELLY fat. That is NOT the fat I need. I'm only 13 but I weigh 80 and all the other girls weigh about 95/100. I NEED HELP PLZ😓😪😫

  4. I am starting this same journey tomorrow with my trainer. I have also never weighed more than 110 and I completely agree with how offensive people can be. I started meal prepping tonight and our first session tomorrow

  5. Girllll I have been eating so much more since I went vegan & on top of that Im eating sooo much more grains and veggies and vitamins in protein shakes & Ive gained 7 lbs 😍 its always been a strugggleee for me also so I feel ya pain!! What about some arm workouts ? Tired of these twiggy wrists lbvs 😂 do an update video on your progress girll. Whats your goal weight gain?

  6. I started a weight gain journey and guess what luhhsetty you are my everyday gym trainer 😁 i watch this particular video every morning while training i also drink whey protein and eat alot of calories. Ooh and you are so cute girl your skin is so flowless

  7. I just wish I had some curve, ppl should know how bad it actually hurts girls when the say there skinny, or there butt is small, it's dreadful when it comes out of there mouth. There mom did not raise those boys and girls right. They should know everyone is beautiful just the way they are💖

  8. Litterly it's so fucking g irritating when someone tells u your hella skiny I wish if I could just gain some weight bruh litterly I only gained 10 pounds in a year like wtf I need to grow

  9. When you live in the Caribbean you can never get away from people telling you "to eat food". Even from your own family 😪 And if you say it doesn't help or express your feelings (along those lines) you're considered rude for even replying. Really doesn't help for the mindset of it all when you're constantly hearing "eat something".

  10. people r always like “oh it must be soooooo hard to GAIN weight” omg i have been under 90 lbs all my life and i’m still under it. stop making fun of us underweight ppl

  11. so I started this two weeks ago-
    Ugh thank
    I got my desired results so quickly and I am way more healthier, I am onto a healthier lifestyle, I used to be a toothpick but not anymore so thank u so much for that. I recommend this for everyone, even tho this was a year ago 💕

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