1. As nervous posting this video as I was making the tweet. I still feel like I didn't quite articulate what I was trying to get at at some times so I wanted to add a few key points for those interested in my routine etc.

    Weights are 30% of the battle, diet is 70%. You need to be as disciplined outside of the gym as you are in.

    I fell in love with the gym too because how it lets me escape from my depression. The endorphin release is much needed and it makes me a healthier individual physically and mentally.

    My diet wasn't anything revolutionary. A lot of protein – some healthier complex carbs – green vegetables. My favorite meat is chicken, steak and salmon. I put hot sauce on a LOT of stuff. Snacks would be protein shakes, oatmeal, nuts (rarely because I hate them), protein bars etc.

    ALWAYS eat breakfast, and don't be afraid to put more carbs into breakfast. It's the most fuel you give your body for the day. Eat and take supplements as soon as you can after waking up.

    My actually workout routines changed like I mentioned every 3-4 weeks. I either pieced them together myself or worked with my trainer to make plans. If you're looking for a place to start I suggest either a 3 or 4 day workout split so you're in the gym 3-4 days and hitting every part of your body.

    Literally just look up 3 or 4 day workout split for ideas like this: https://www.google.com/search?ei=hWzYXPTYNoX4tAXouZWwCg&q=4+day+workout+split&oq=4+day+workout+split&gs_l=psy-ab.3..0i67j0l9.2433.2433..2519…0.0..……0….1..gws-wiz…….0i71.OlxxdMdc3KM

    I stayed motivated because I began to love the feeling. For me it's an escape from work, a time to zone out and listen and learn new things, and to also progress my body every day. The motivation part doesn't just happen, and may never happen. It takes discipline more than anything.

    Don't feel like you HAVE to be in the gym for a long time. My 2-2:30 hours is a LOT and I understand that. I sacrificed most of my free time to do that and I enjoyed every bit. Figure out what your goal is, how long you want it to take – and that'll help you decide how long you should be in the gym. Reminder that TIME in the gym itself doesn't matter, it matters how you use that time. Even just 30-45 mins in the gym every other day is still 30-45 more minutes a day than you had before.

    As for excuses. That's all they are. If you WANT to get healthier you can make time. If you have a busy job, a physically intensive job, a significant other etc. it's not impossible it's you telling yourself that.

    Don't go to the gym for somebody else, go to the gym for yourself.

    Everything I talked about is from MY experience and just like I said that not everything works for everyone, this is what worked for me and may not work for you. If you are really interested about fitness too I recommend you read around from different people about whatever you're curious about!

  2. im glad u shared this, i can relate to this alot because i used to be like like your picture in your right now im looking like th eon ein the left, and trynna get back to my good old days.

  3. I'm not gonna throw around any accusations, but that is quite far fetched of a natural transformation for only 1 year, considering you not only had to gain all that muscle but also lose a lot of fat.

  4. You should be good on branch chain amino acids if you eat enough meat. Drink water, tea, coffee. pretty solid advice here. I eat only lunch and dinner most days and I am slowly losing weight.

  5. Bro ive been there, i use to run a RPG team on Tibia for 3 years, and when i realized how much of a life sucking game this was and how unhealthy i felt, because i felt like i haven't left my house in 3 years the mental feeling of that thought alone was sick. so i quit cold turkey went from full playing to not playing at all. i started the gym and i started slow because i didn't want to injury myself and now im at about year and half, almost 2 years and i can say we all been there "on and off" but thats only because your reasoning for being there isn't for the right reasons, and when you realized that its a lifestyle not something that's going to quickly change your appearance and then wala your done, its legit a lifestyle and once you realize its not a quick fix scheme, its more of just hey this is healthy i wanna be healthy so i do this to stay healthy, and the mental thought alone that comes with working out just makes you feel healthy even if your not,

    2nd point, bro your not trying to be a body builder, your not trying to be the biggest guy in the gym, your not trying to be anything that has to do with fitness competition, so dont worry about BCAAS or running to much or drinking casein protein before bed, these are ways people MAXIMIZE there gains if your not trying to compete or do anything like that, dont kill youself over the little gains lost, because you want to enjoy what you do, so i stop tracking my meals, i stop tracking everything and i understand what it is im trying to achieve and with the right amount of time and effort the results will show up no matter what,

    3rd point, YouTube is so dangerous when it comes to fitness even yourself you have no clue what the fuck your talking about but you made a video explaining things like you know the science behind them, your different style of lifts are only because they target certain things so yes you started with light medium weights doesn't mean you wont get stronger, if im at 120 lbs i will injury my tendons and my joints if i try to go extremely heavy . so ill be forced to stay in the medium weight range does that mean i wont get strong? no. see you have alot of misleading info out in the fitness industry, and when you use the rock as an example you legit using someone who has years and years and years of lifting experience and trying to immolate what hes doing because you have a yr under your belt and you feel like your ready, dont follow people with unreal expectations, you want to follow real people in the industry that are not out too sell a program.

    4. FMOI Tru_gainz

    5. keep up the work brotha

  6. I’ve been working out for over a year and I looked better then you in the before picture but the after I’m no where near that ripped. Probably bc I barley eat. If I actually ate the right amount of calories I would be bigger and ripped

  7. The nutritional 'information' in this is so bro-sciencey and packed with actual misinformation it's insane. The rest of it is fairly solid advice.

    For nutritional information that has all sources strictly peer reviewed and cited with no financial gain/incentive go to nutritionfacts.org and utilize that search bar! They even have videos (that also are all fully cited) if you don't want to read a ton.

  8. Hey! This is the first video I see of you and I got to say, congratulations on getting healthier! It’s really inspiring seeing your before and after pictures. However I think you’re taking a little too many unnecessarily supplements, if you have a nice diet with fruits, vegetables and different kind of protein sources you’ll find you don’t need them

  9. Great advice, just a couple of notes:
    1. Tea & Coffee are ABSOLUTELY fine to drink, just don't add anything to them like sugar, cream, honey – nothing.
    The best thing is your body doesn't even count them as food intake. Just don't overdo caffeine.
    2. Muscle doesn't weigh more than fat. 1Kg of muscle weighs EXACTLY as much as 1Kg of fat.
    That's just the oldest and stupidest MYTH ever.
    Thank you for sharing your journey with us. Your photos definitely inspired me! 🙂

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