1. From the first time I gained extra weight until today, Denise Austin's videos have gotten me to my weight loss goals. While in my second year of college, at age 19, and with all the stress and pressure of college, I had gained an extra 10 pounds….not to mention, I was already a mother. I am now 47 years old and Denise's videos saw me through from age 19, to my next child birth nearly 9 years later when my son became accustomed to seeing my daughter and I and a living room full of women doing your workouts… I kept up a great weight during that second pregnancy because of her workouts and they were there for me when I encountered that unexpected 30's something spread. Now she is getting me through my middle years! ….and to boot, now my daughter and I are doing her mother daughter videos! I love you, Denise. You'll forever be a member of our family!

  2. OMG me and my 15 year old granddaughter just did this and whew! I am doing WW and I have lost 33 pounds and I have 47 more to go and I need to get some workouts in now! Should have been doing it but my knee wouldn’t let me! Now my knee I could tell I was doing something but YAY I did it! I am 56 and to young to feel so old, but I must say I am feeling better! And I am under 5’2”!

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