1. Hi Vicky , hw r u? Navarathri plans looks Soo good and interesting to try… I have one doubt IAM following your intermittent fasting for past few days , lost 8kgs so far,. Planing to continue this for navarathri diet as 20:4 window. In our home we fast til evng six .. can u suggest any meal plan from your vedio to follow it for this navarathri
    .. Thanks in advance dear.. keep going dear👍

  2. HAI mam i am following your oats meal plan for past few days, I have Ulcer and Migraine also so migraine banana, vinegar , lemon should not be used, so i am avoiding it. because of ulcer I need to eat frequently so suggest me how could I manage in oat meal plan

  3. Hi Vicky, I'm nursing my five month old baby, can I follow this plan? I'm already doing aerobics for forty minutes per day. If you tell me it's safe to follow I'd be blessed 😇

  4. First of all thank you so much for such amazing videos. All your recipes are so good that I never feel I am dieting. In fact I crave for your recipes.
    I have a request. Can you make a video on when to weigh your self and how often. What time of the day. Coz when I weigh myself in the morning I am 56kgs. And at the end of the day I weigh 58kgs. I have lost almost 4 kgs following your diet plans and intermittent fasting within 2 months.
    And also can you give some information on rice substitutes for diabetics.
    That will be of great help. Thank you.

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