1. This one is so tough on the upper body, compared to other similar Joe Wicks HIIT workouts I do. The legs and abs moves feel like taking a break in comparison. This probably means it's helping me build upper body muscle, so I guess I'll keep at it. 🙂

  2. Doing this on holiday on the balcony on the morning sweating buckets I do double this workout in the gym but it's air conditioning so much harder without it .

  3. Hi Joe – Kathmandu after a trek in the Himalaya! My daughter Emily and I just did your session on our hotel balcony. They say here, Dal Bhat power lasts 24 hour! Burger power … only two hour.

  4. Great workout but the moves have barely changed over the past couple of years. Come on Joe, time for a HIIT workout with all new movements. His team ups with Mr PMA were great as he brought a whole load of new exercises

  5. Great short but intense workout in my garden on a beautiful sunny Aberdeen morning . I discovered that sneezing while doing a crunch really works your abs 😜

  6. great workout. Didn't quite do the full 40 seconds on each. It's still early days for me, slowly getting back into exercise and eating correctly again. Love all the different places you do your HIIT training from. Thanks

  7. Hi Joe!! You do such an amazing job of keeping me motivated! I do my best to workout and it's you each morning! I look forward to doing your workouts. Thank you for sharing your passion with me and now I am sharing my passion for fitness and helping others! My personal trainer and you are becoming a big part of my life!

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