1. Day 28. This was the only workout I did today. Short, but kicked butt. Reminder to embrace myself at whatever weight I am.
    Thanks for a great workout Dan!!

  2. Hahaha Daniel, I was afraid 'till the last second you were not gonna say the magic words! 😀
    Great exercise as ever! I admire you for this few seconds of rest, I had to pause for just a little bit several times so I could breathe, my heart was racing. Now I will continue with the new video for upper body with Kelly. Good job you guys!! Big hugs from Croatia! 🙂

  3. This kind of workout which will make your dopamine tremendously pop up when you finally reach cool down and stretch. Worth trying 👍🏻 Thanks Fitness Blender, please do more challenging workouts as these.

  4. Thankyou so much … 🙂
    This was my first workout at home .. first workout in over past few months actually…and. Im so happy i could complete it .. 🙂 Will follow your routines from now on ..

  5. I did this after the new 30 min kickboxing workout. Killer. Was a great cardio burn out. I'm now going to go do yoga with Adriene to center my self since I need it. Thanks!

  6. I've just completed this workout and it's like I've been working out for half an hour.these quick intense workouts get me fit and in shape quickly. amazing keep up the good work.

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