1. This was a good workout video, but how am I not dieing? Like I have a fast heartbeat rn, but I’m not dead and I’m sweating. Maybe I’m getting better with cardio idek?

  2. Seriously Holly making some of my favourite workouts… Sooo good.. Please keep making this quality content… Well done 👏 love it… Love the exercises… Love the video format… Loving it gurl! Big love!

  3. How soon can I see weight loss and how often should this be done? I an over 45 and want to lose the belly and thighs. In reality I knot I won't look like you (body wise) but I'd like to be close.

  4. Thank you so much for this. There are a lot of routines in youtube but few think about those like me that can't jump for health reasons (my spine is my problem).
    Thank you so much again.

  5. I suffer from knee injuries and it is hard to find a workout that really makes you sweat without making my knee feel like it is going to fall off. This one is perfect, it doesn't hurt much compared to some workouts I have done. Thank you!

  6. Thank you so much for this! I had a quite complex eye surgery and I can't do anything that involves jumping :/ I'm super happy that I've found this video and your channel!

  7. Hi…i want to ask ..i m of 80 kg…i m so healthy…if i do this workout …can i lose wait?? If so den tell mehow much time will it take?? Plz guide me…i really like your workout…i have sever lower bk pain also…so is it ok for me??

  8. Hi Holly .. great stuff .. i just found your channel.. i was looking for an easy cardio workout that i can do indoors as we are in the middle of winter … love everything.. my favourite is the 2nd last one .. thank you for sharing.. lotsa love from Johannesburg South Africa xxx

  9. Oh yes, this is what I need.
    I have had surgery on both feet and bouncing around on the feet is not pleasant.
    Your walking burpees is the way I always do them if a work out calls for burpees.
    And I don't do mountain climbers, I do mountain strollers. LOL
    Slow and steady.
    New to your channel, love the workout. ❤

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