1. OMG My first workout in over a month! My body is still not 100%. I still have some bad days so i'm not doing any super intense workouts yet. I do have more programs coming soon so stay tuned!!! Please let me know if you have any video requests! Love you guys! 😘

  2. Haven’t worked out in months and am restarting my weight loss journey! Trying to lose at least 10 pounds and I know Chloe can help me achieve my goals ❤️❤️

  3. CHLOE!!! I can't thank you enough for your work outs. they are so much fun! I feel so good after I work out to them. you're such a blessing to youtube and to us chubby girls. lol I can't thank you enough. gives you imaginary hug thank you so much for your videos. :")  omg! I love the crab toe crunch. it's my fave.. <3

  4. today is tuesday 5/28/19 and I'm starting today… I'll do this every day for 2 weeks… let's see what happens (I might go back and forth between this video and another one though)

    edit: it’s 6/5/2019 and I’m finally starting this, sorry I’m so late lol

  5. Never disapointed with your videos Chloe ! You put so much work into your videos to make them accessible to the utmost !! I really started to love exercising with your videos, thank you so much !! 💖

  6. I like this workout, although the leg extension hurt my lower buttocks. Is it normal that I should get used to it or is it something I should be worried about. It really hurts that I stopped quite a few times. Do u guys experience this also.

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