1. so happy i watched this i have motivation , my hip dips aren’t severe but they have a lil dip , if i didn’t have them i would have an hour glass figure 💀

  2. If y have I thigh gap and if you do these will it get rid of thigh gap? Or do u just gain some like outer hips and not like inner thighs? Plzz I still can’t find an answer I’m sorry I’m dumb😭😭

  3. Im gonna do this every day for a month and Imma tell y'all if I can see any results! (Our bodies different and if I don't see much change in a month it's fine since it can take a much longer time, but Imma try tho. Wish me luck!) Imma update everyone every week

  4. Ok does it fill in the hip dips or make it disappear? I don’t want a wider hip I want a smaller hip because I’m really fat around there 🙁 so far ive been doing this for 4 days and not much difference. My knees are really sore tho. Am I doing this right

  5. Just found this video and did the workout. WOW! My legs and butt burned. Certainly gonna feel this tomorrow! From the comments I am so hopeful that this will help my stupid weird dip! Thank you!

  6. Guys … don't train the Gluteus Medius too much that's the mistake almost everyone makes … I did it too and my hip dips got worse … I started to accept my hip dips and now I actually think they are as beautiful as round hips

  7. hi, I don't know if I commented on here before, but, THIS WORKED like high-key I started doing this workout plan last year in September and my hip dips have filled in since then, I just wanted to say thank you so much for this! it saved me lmao

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