1. Where are the standards in this video? Just call it "19.1 announcement" if you're not going to show the standards!

    How high must the ball go?
    How low do I have to drop when doing the squat with Wall-ball?
    Could you perhaps also set the 20 lbs to kg also?! The metric system is pretty big you know…

  2. So the movement standard for the start of the wall ball does NOT require you to clean the med ball, fully extend hips and knees before squatting with the ball? That means you can squat (with no ball), pick up the ball from the ground, then hit the target… on every rep???!!!! That doesn't make any sense. Please help me understand!!!

  3. God damn it what happened to this Chanel???
    Like seriously all the hype is gone it’s just lame and dead now. No media no awesome announcements no documentaries. Like WTF are you doing?? You’re driving people away with all the health and old people articles and videos, guess what anyone eats healthy and exercise will be healthy it doesn’t have to be crossfit so calm down about that. And focus more on pleasing your existing fans before deciding to lose them all. 40% less Open registered, that’s just a start. What a shame

  4. And whoever wanted to participate at home now is out because of the rower. 2020 open should be all basic equipment that people have at home… just a thought. That’s what crossfit was originally supposed to be anyway.

  5. First of all, glassman said I want strict pull up, and then, taking everybody as idiots and insist on saying that learning kipping isn't increasing strength. Then, probably all the CrossFit in the past is not strict as well! So cut all of them, post a bunch of your strict style CrossFit??

  6. Crossfit you really have to listen to your customers. I had to unsubscribe from your YouTube channel. The old people videos are just embarrassing and demotivating. I don't know what changed but you gotta reverse this thing fast if you want CrossFit to thrive and survive.

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