1. It's crazy. I'm watching all these youtubers' 19.3 crossfit open videos, and not one is doing the lunges correct. They are lunging, but not bringing their feet together at the top or locking out. The Crossfit site 19.3 video shows this.

  2. I typically don't comment on much of anything but for people upset with programming think about the fact that this years Open is aiming for the top 20 in the world and not the region. It should get even harder as we go and not be all inclusive. Work and see what you can do.

  3. Some of those HSPU is no rep according to what the CF HQ head judge just announced. You cant have an flexed hip when fully extended. And only your heels is allowed to touch the wall, but it seems like her calves also are in touch with the wall..

  4. I am in 16-17 category and for every one of the workouts so far I have had to use the same weights and standards as adults? What’s with that. I am still a teenager and shouldn’t have to be expected to use men’s rx

  5. It's almost like they saw some people completing the scaled workout last week and went "well, we're not letting that happen again". Elevated strict HSPU? Give me a break, in the past they usually scaled to dumbbell press.

  6. The crash moment for most of participants. I hardly can do handstand pushups but handstand walk… Impossible! So I have 3 days to learn it😂. You guys are incredible and we love CrossFit for it!

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