1. You are such an inspiration!! I just started watching you and hit the Subscribe button so fast! I stopped eating my pita chips and switched to cucumber slices in the middle of watching your video. 🤣 You look awesome and are just gorgeous! Keep up the amazing work!! 😘

  2. I saw you in the women’s bathroom getting ready yesterday but didn’t wanna be weird but I wanted to thank you for posting all your YouTube’s ❤️ you looked gorgeous

  3. I'm going to try to keep this comment as short as possible but there is so much I want to say!!! Lol. 1st thing I absolutely love Brandon's reaction to your abs. I was dying laughing and cheering at the same time!😂😂 2nd thing: absolutely love how you explained wanting to do more and be more than just a social media influencer (because like you said at some point it will come to an end). Finally, I'm just so super happy for you and hope everything you want and work for come to you! I hope you kill it at your show you definitely deserve it!!!! Good luck to you and Brandon!!💖💖

  4. i just came across you on IG and followed you. you look amazing! i have a friend competing in the same show as you saturday. GOOD LUCK, I HOPE YOU GET THAT PRO CARD!!!!!

  5. First time that I see a video of you! Damn girl you inspire me! I'm currently in my prep for my first show! Going to watch all of your video's to get all the tips 😂💜 Keep crushing it! 🔱

  6. You are going to do amazing. The work you’ve put in is truly inspiring and you are a QUEEN. Enjoy the payoff of all your hard work ❤️

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