1. i have a question i have the program but i am not sure if to start because i just had fusion on middle and lower back like 6 months dr said i vould start work out now s hould i start it with out getting hurt.

  2. i just had knee surgery. the video looks like ti would get results-but it looks like murder on the knees, too. does she show modified versions of the movements for people with knee/back issues?

  3. First class tonight, went the YMCA thinking I was going to a Pilates class, nope it was PiYo, all I can say it was tough, but, I loved it!  I'm 55 over weight, but I did it and can't wait for the next class!

  4. Not for me. Too much foot impact. Degenerative osteoarthritis in my toe joints.
    Looks fun though. I can still do spinning, body bump, and CXWorks, swimming 5km a day. But most of these fad programs would lead to more foot surgery. Once was painful enough 🙂

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