1. Sexy nutrition with Ashley plz ma'am!!!! Lol and I think you should do a twerking class or pile dancing just bc those thing aren't something you would normally do. Plus I can imagine how hilarious that would be.

  2. You should both have a go at a team sport. Usually develops coordination more than a lot of other sports, and has some cardio element. Or go try badminton or tennis together or something.

  3. Ive been considering trying shadow boxing and a HIIT workout. And im pretty much in your situation. Approx 119 fluctuating a few pounds here and there. I feel fit, but not fit enough. Like i have definition but its mild, and with my goals im aiming high. Trying to slim down, build lean muscle, and increase my cardio endurance for the military. Im joining the Airforce this summer after graduation. ????

  4. jazz I feel like you'd really like Zumba. There are always classes or you could do it on your own! You and Ashley. Ah I feel like Zumba has so much sass 🙂

  5. you two should look in to what your height and weight should be, according to a doctor. I mean, don't want to starve yourselves for a goal that's unhealthy or unrealistic

  6. Hey girl like dancing is a great workout. Also, I love love love love bouldering!!! You should try it out. I do five days a week in the gym and one day a week of something fun and out of the gym

  7. Maybe once a month you can reach out to a new gym or trainer to try a different style of workout. So many people get burned out on their normal workouts. This could be a way to highlight how different fitness is for everyone and how everyone gravitates and is inspired by different goals and workouts! 🙂

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