1. When i was growing up the police used to look like everyone else but in uniform of course, but these days they spend serious time in the gym, they look like body builders in ninja suits 😀
    No offence to police, just an observation.
    I know policing has to move with the times and the government likes to wreck everything, but i felt much safer when i knew my local bobby, could have a laugh and joke with them, it felt much friendlier. I guess that is something we lost forever now 🙁

  2. The basic fitness level for let's say non confrontational roles would be 5.4. Other frontline roles have to have a higher score. Most officer do 8+ anyway. 5.4 is an average level of fitness and means you are reasonably healthy.

  3. Shocking?! 5.4?! No wonder, increase the fitness standards nationwide because 5.4 is very easy, officers should be getting a minimum of 8 or 10, considering how demanding the job is 

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