1. Definitely challenging session but so AWARE of the strength that I have gained thus far! I was always doing the modified version so was a bit surprised that I was able to do the normal version for this session! Thank you for helping me to build the strength and flexibility through this journey. Day 27 and feeling so much stronger. Thank you Lesley for yet another great session~! <3

  2. Today I wasn't able to do this until after my family was awake, so my daughter decided to try to join me. She takes 4 hours of dance class a week but only made it 5 minutes before saying she was exhausted. That made me aware of how much strength I have gained over these 27 days. Maybe this summer I won't have so much trouble keeping up with the kids!

  3. I'm really enjoying downward dog and I've finally been able to get my ankles down! it's been a challenge.. Thank you for helping me become more aware of my body 🙂 Favorite vid of the 30day challenge thus far! 💓

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