1. Brett you have such a gift as a teacher. I have some physical challenges that make me wary of yoga, although I am fairly fit. Practicing with you is always gentle yet challenging – I have never so much as tweaked a muscle – always feel energized and peaceful when I finish. From my heart to yours – Namaste

  2. wow! That created heat and fire, as well as water like movements that I definitely needed for tonight. Thank you, Brett. I feel more rewarded when winding down after working up a yogi sweat. I feel extra relaxed this way. (for my own personal practice, that is) Namaste. Now I'm going to have such a nice bath with Epson salts and a great sleep with some peppermint and eucalyptus essential oil in my diffuser. Heaven!

  3. It has been quite a while actually it looks like I experienced this practice 5 months ago. I was looking for a very heating and powerful practice today and found this one again. As always you are the best instructor. Thank you – Namaste!

  4. Madam today done this with help of you. It's great mam .but I am not geeting correct stretch like you man. But I am trying to getting like you that one day decently reach you mam

  5. As always, I absolutely love your classes. I really enjoyed the binds we played with in Warrior I and how we maintained them in Pyramid Pose. I'll be incorporating this into my sequence this week, I'm sure my students will love it! Namasté ✨

  6. This was AMAZING! I Love Love Love how you teach Brett! You speak so clearly and explain everything. Makes it easier to fully engage in the poses and not have to look at the screen. When in each pose, you constantly are making sure we are doing it correctly by telling us how to move or hold positions correctly. Those teeny movements make a HUGE difference so that we don't get hurt. Thank you so much! I feel fantastic! 😀

  7. I love this video. I keep coming back to it for a year now. It is in my workout routine at least once each two weeks. I love the intensity and the flow. Keep up the good work!

  8. Wow I as able to flip my dog it was awesome! I love how practicing daily is making me so much more flexible. I am more flexible now at almost 62 than I have ever been. I still have a hard time with the standing split and keeping my hips square as I do it. Any tips you can give me will be appreciated. Amazing what yoga can do for the body and mind. Thank you Brett I am a faithful student!!!! Namaste!

  9. You are just amazing! You are SUCH a PHENOMENAL TEACHER! I absolutely love the way you guide us in every pose and have us visualize certain movements, which allow us to tweak/adjust just enough to get the full benefit. Thank you for all your fantastic videos and teachings. Appreciate you Brett Larkin. Namaste

  10. This was fantastic! Love the way you teach and guide throughout. Also love how when we're holding a pose, you make sure that we are doing it right by tweaking ever so slightly

  11. Finally a day with enough time to do one of the longer sequences – and I really enjoyed it a lot! Thank you for helping me to stay in shape in this calm and controlled way. Namaste! 🙂

  12. I absolutely loved this flow with you this morning. I even broke a sweat, which is what I wanted to do. thanks so much for your guidance on the moves and the breath. I love all of the side stretches. Namaste

  13. This is one of my top flows now!!!! This was so awesome and so easy to follow without looking at the screen! Amazing voice prompts! Thank you for this!!! Can you recommend any of your other videos similar to this at about this level? Thanks again!!

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