1. That was just what I needed! Thought I wanted. an hour class but this was just perfect! Stretched out all my tight hip and hamstrings from cycling! So happy to have come across your videos last night. Looking forward to a daily yoga session with you! Namaste'

  2. This was delightful! All your videos are, but I my life is so improved by each one. You are gorgeous inside and out and thank you for sharing your expertise and your ideas. I had so much fun with you today! Great workout and lovely thoughts at the end. SO well done! XO💜

  3. Amazing and so perfect in this 30min flow, also a good routine for an easy to practice every time of the day. Thank you MIchelle , Namaste🙏🙏😍😍

  4. Half hour zoomed by! Fabulous! Thank you Michelle. I’m always pleased to see your classes pop up. But can you tell me why I feel I’ve reached a plateau in my strength & energy? For the last few months my hamstrings seem to have stuck in the same place, my shoulders won’t give any more, my arms muscles wouldn’t have managed one more chatteranga today (so pleased you went straight to down dog!!). I practise 6 days a week… could it be my age (nearly 62 and I only started 2 years ago)? I’m curious to know if other late starters in life feel like me!!! 🙏🏻

  5. This after my 25minute HIIT & Run…wow, it was just perfect. The way I like my mid-week to be. Thank you so much Michelle for your generosity, sharing your practice with me and the multitude of like-minded people following you. God bless you more. Consider a retreat in the Philippines. Namaste…

  6. Left work too late to catch my class at the studio and found this! This was perfect. I might have to do this one again before work tomorrow morning 😊

  7. Hello from New Zealand, Thanks for another perfect practise before work, I feel very happy, strong and calm. Loving your meditation at the end of the practise making me sit for longer and be still thanks as always you are the best!

  8. This was perfect! Normally 1/2 hour classes leave me feeling like I hadn’t „done enough“. But this one really felt like a full and rewarding practice. I feel energized but calm. Thank you for this practice! 🙏🏻☺️✌🏻

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