1. So glad to have found this video. 36 weeks with 4th child and was feeling down and out and sluggish. Forced myself to do this workout and so glad I did. Feeling better mentally and physically and the movements helped decrease the swelling in my feet and ankles. Thanks @keairaLashae you did it again.

  2. I love you KL, just love everything about you. I don't have a baby yet neither am I pregnant but this workout, I feel like getting pregnant tonight. Much love to you and the baby

  3. ok I know this video was posted years ago… but I just found you and am so thankful for this!! I am almost 8 months pregnant… and this is just what I needed. My hips feel stuck, and I feel like I can't walk…. so this movement is getting me back on track to finish out the pregnancy!

  4. Im 2 months but I have so much nausea, indigestion, all types of first trimester symptoms. But this work out makes me feel so good! Will be back to do this atleast every other day. Love you Keaira #TeamLashae

  5. Thank you sooo much for this video!, its the only fun video for pregnant women on youtube, i love it and how much love and fun you radiate!

  6. Thank you for making exercise fun! I hate working out but am trying not to gain too much weight in this pregnancy like I did in the others. By the way, I think the “nursery rhyme” you were referencing is “who stole the cookie from the cookie jar”. At least that’s what it sounds like to me!

    Yes, the lifting your arms thing is a myth. I am on my third pregnancy and had different doctors and even midwives with each one. It’s just an old wives tale!

  7. So happy I located this video. Going to see if you have more. I’m 9weeks and don’t want to feel like yoga is my only option (it’s kinda slowful). I’m high energy and love to dance so I‘m very happy about this video. You and your family rock!

  8. I'm 4 months today!!! In need of routines with energy and I just found it 😍😍 beautiful ladies. Thank you. Hope to be as energetic as you for the next 5 months

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