1. The "I need to make a retirement fund" diet. Next step make it easy for lazy people like me and sell me a half empty daily plant meal 😂. But seriously a bit of fasting is not bad

  2. FMD is just a waste of money–nothing more or less. If you want to lose weight and reduce inflammation then get fat-adapted by not eating carbs, and just eat less. Then choose a fast that suits you, such as skipping breakfast.

  3. What do you think of athletes who consume a lot of calories frequently but are also resistance training often and carry a high percent of lean mass? It seems to me that this strategy may be better suited to treat sarcopenia than fasting.

  4. Maybe the militant vegans have poisoned the well, but when it comes to doctors like Dr. Kahn, who is so far on the extreme with being plant based, I have trouble accepting that their view hasn't been clouded by ethical beliefs or some other non-medical factor.

  5. Dr. Roy Walford was a major proponent of a Calorie Restriction diet (CR) that he termed a 120-year diet. Walford died in 2004 at age 79. Psalm 90:10: "The years of our life are seventy, or even by reason of strength eighty." Walford didn't make it to 80 and I think his fasting diet is similar to a comment found on an Egyptian medical papyrus. That comment was that we live off one-third of what we eat, the doctor lives off the other two-thirds. CR or not, most of the food and drink in the United States is poisoned. Bread, the staff of life, made from glyphosate contaminated wheat that has been so hybridized and cross bred in the past 40 years that it can be toxic to the gut microbiome of most Americans. [Refer to "Wheatbelly" by Dr. William Davis] Fluoridated and chlorinated water that damages the pineal gland and the heart. Maybe a CR diet works because it forces you to consume less poison by eating less contaminated foodstuffs made by transnational agribusiness corporations from hell.

  6. Hi Doc, are your two fasting days a week consecutive or separated?
    Cancer free after one year of having forty percent of my liver and gallbladder removed at Barnes Hospital!

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