1. Hey everyone! Had a lot of questions regarding which weights you should be using while working out (specifically in STAGE 1 of our SUPERHERO PLAN) so I'm currently making a video on that now before heading into STAGE 2. In the meantime we hope you enjoy this video on how to perform PULL-UPS! STAY BUFF. -Brandon

  2. This is wrong pullup form your legs should never be behind you your legs should be straight and just in front of you quads flexed and toes pointed this activates your core and keeps you from swinging and also makes you use your back muscles more try it its harder btw i gave you pointers on handstands today at one life lol nice meeting you dude but for real watch every gymnast they never bend there legs they keep their legs straight and quads flexed and toes pointed

  3. Honestly heavy barbell rows got me able to do pull ups easily. I couldn’t do more than 2 back when my barbell row was 95lbs for 10. Now my BB row is 185 x 5 and I can do pull ups for around 8-10 x 3

  4. Didn't watch the video but here is a small real world tip from a guy who went through a number of Marine Corps PFT's, of which dead hang pullups/chin-ups are one of the three exercises and where you need to do 20 for max score; Do not fold your lower legs up, keep them straight down and furthermore, point your toes straight down, just that will add one or two more to your max count. Fyi, my max was 27 chin-ups along with 82 sit ups in under two minutes and a 3 mile run in 17:22, which gave me max PFT scores.

  5. Negatives were the key to doing my first one. After that I increased by one pull-up a month until I peaked at 13. I stopped doing them because my elbows hurt. Now I'm back to not being able to do one :/

  6. the 1st pullup is the hardest. never thought i would be able to do 2 pullups. then all of sudden within 1 week i got up to 4 pull ups. continued with 4 pull ups for a week, every other day, and now i am up to 10 pull ups.

  7. Hey guys. How often should I do this in a week? Complete beginner in pull-ups here. Also, do I do them on the same day as my other workouts, or must they have a separate day. Cheers!

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