1. Learn something new so often from your videos even being an avid gym goer/"rat" of 20+ years. Might have to try that forward lean on the seated hamstring curl; I'm similar to Paul in that I like adjusting the seat all the way forward but have not tried out incorporating leaning. Thanks for sharing your videos John

  2. The pump & stretch of the hamstrings is like no other. You are kidding yourself if you think you can get by with minimal ham work

  3. Another great video… Brother you know your stuff that’s why I love your videos … and I would love to train legs with you one day that would be a dream come true btw I’m a veteran and we all love your stuff

  4. Hey John, I tend to get a lot of glute activation on hamstring and quad excersises that aren't leg curls/extensions. Do you have any tips on getting more hamstring/quad activation?

  5. Hey John, when you do a workout with 2-3 muscle groups (like a single day of a pull/push/legs), Do you run each muscle group of the workout thru all the phases of your developed workout strategy, one at a time, or do you use a different strategy when hitting multiple muscle groups? To be clear I mean, if you are hitting lats, upper back and biceps in one day, do you first hit lats with a pump exercise, then a more heavy intense exercise, then a stretch exercise, and THEN move on to doing the same for traps, and THEN the same for biceps, or do you cycle the phases thru each muscle group as you go? Thanks! Hope it's not too much of a question that shouldn't be answered for free 😅

  6. The seated leg curl machine is a great piece of equipment.👍 It keeps the tension throughout the entire exercise.😧😁

    Not that it would make a difference to most, but pointing the toes outward and inward for each set helps me achieve a better overall development of my hamstrings.✔️

  7. Hi john. I just have a question about leg training : are leg extension and leg curl machine bad for the knees? I see very respectable people like jeff cavaliere saying to stay away from them. I want max gains while still keeping my joints healthy, I'm 15 and already have knee discomfort and found that maybe the machines might be contributing to that. Can I get maximun gains without these machines?

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