1. Hi Zack
    I've been about your situation in 1995 . I've been rehabilitated at NRH (National Rehapilitation Hospital ) in washington d.c.
    at the begining I don't move my fingers or have any grip at all, Then I noticed that my neighbor in the hospital is having gypsum around his arm to the tips of his fingers
    he was my situation too, so I asked him what is that for
    he said that it is a surgery for improving the hands functions by transfering some nerves from the back of the arm all the way to the fingers tips to the front side in which the palm
    he told me that this surgery was not approved but he agreed to do it on his own responsibility.
    So I told him to keep me informed how the results would be then after about 6 weeks I found that he got much much improvement in his hand functions
    So I decided to do it, and thank god you won't believe how much I benefet from that surgery
    before the surgery I cann't get a tessue from the box or scrach my ear 🙂 , really . but after the surgery I got strength and grip in all my fingers specially my right hand

    I said all this because I was touched by your story as other sci people
    and wish that you can have something like my surgery
    I googled to got the name of the doctor who made my surgery
    its been about 24 years ago so i'm not sure 100% that is him 🙂
    I can say 99% sure
    Dr. Stephen F. Gunther
    Hand surgeon in Washington, D.C., United States

    Address: 102 Irving St NW, Washington, DC 20010, USA

    Phone: +1 202-877-6000

  2. I love you guys! Y'all are so cute together! I get HelloFresh and I really like it. I get the vegetarian meals. My hubby eats it but I make him fish or chicken to go with it lol.

  3. It was a pleasure to meet you
    at Matt's party, you're Awesome
    and proof of God's word below.
    Blessings. You're an Inspiration
    I Can Do All Things Through Christ which Strengtheneth Me. Philippians 4:13 KJV

  4. Love it ! You're really inspiring Zack and truly one of the best YouTubers out there! Always look forward to your vids and happy to see you thriving a lot more than most people who are in different situations. Thanks for sharing another ultra positive video with us all!

  5. Great job Zack. HF is great. Every once in awhile the carrots are limp and the broccoli is flowered yellow,but makes it easy to cook without shopping and figuring out if you have all the ingredients. Keep up the great work and your spirit of giving.

  6. Zack , holaa , te acabo de escuchar y me sorprendió cuando dijiste ,"uno más" 😊 me alegra cuando subes tus vídeos y me gustaría aprender más de tus ejercicios diarios, un abrazo para ustedes

  7. Go you!! I'm not a quadriplegic but my disability effects my whole body and I'm paralysed from the waist down and my arms are so weak. But go you!!!

  8. Hiiii Zack 👋🏽👋🏽, I really liked seeing you doing exercises 💪🏽continue to make them ok friend. I loved it when you said " uno más , one more" 😍😂. Hawaiian rice is very tasty, you can add corn and small pieces of carrots 😋. You two look very beautiful in the kitchen 😍❤️. Many blessings in health 🙏🏽, be very happy my dear friend ❤

  9. When you do invest in a zester, Microplane is the bomb! They have several styles and sizes, and they are an investment, but they keep their sharpness and work amazingly!

  10. Hi Bree! You guys are learning to cook some great meals! Getting Hello Fresh is a great way to learn new recipes since shopping for the ingredients can sometimes be the most time consuming. You’re both growing up🥰
    And I’m happy to see Zack getting more strength in his arms. I bet he’s gonna really benefit from it in the day to day. Love you two!

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