1. day 3: FIRST TIME WITHOUT DROPPING ARMS!!!!! guys don’t give up!!! will give every updates everyday 😉 btw I have really skinny arms and I’m very weak, so looking to tone them

  2. Not gonna lie… I may have cried a bit. I've done this workout before but I am finally getting strong enough to push and I did the whole thing without dropping my arms. It's true, you are stronger than you think. Wow, thank you to this fantastic community for kick starting my journey. I've lost 20+ pounds because of Cassey and you guys! xoxo I am forever grateful! TAKING BACK MY BODY!

  3. I'm really late but I did this workout last summer everyday for a month and I remember clearly my arms getting toned, like there was a visible line, sadly I quit the workout due to finding other workouts, but the toned line is still on my arm to this day. Try it guys it's super good

  4. i felt this all in my shoulders and triceps but not in my biceps 🤔🙁
    also the first exercise my cat was trying to hug me and i almost hit him by accident lmao

  5. Day 1. Not gonna lie I couldn't keep my arms up to save my life. But I did each work out as long as I could. Will keep doing it this whole month

  6. I have done it twice and it hurts so bad that I need to stop at middle of exercise. But I will keep doing it until I could finish it without stopping at all
    Edit : I do it all without stopping and it hurts really bad

  7. Holy cow you are my new idol. You motivated me so much when you said "you're doing this because it makes you feel good, not because of a man"
    Like YES.
    THAT made keep my arms up the rest of the time. Thank you for this video! I cannot seriously comprehend why anyone would dislike this video. I'm wanting to do it twice a day because I loved it so much! You got yourself a new fan.😇💗

  8. I’m doing this for a month before an occasion and I want my arms to look like Normanis arms lol
    Yesterday was a nightmare it was so hard and I couldn’t get through the whole thing but today it feels a lot easier it crazy how you can feel a change right after the workout

  9. 1 week and a half in, doing this 5/6 days per week and i'm starting to see biceps bumps when I flex and my shoulders are on point 🔥 I'm not fit at all and I started working out on the daily to get better mentally and physically. I'll try to keep this comment updated as much as I can 😊 Thank you Cassie!

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