1. Did REACT change drastically since this video was made? I just installed it and got the iOS Simulator running and none of the files remotely match yours. So all the edits you suggested are in files I don't see. I do however see lines that are similar in my _test_ directory, but nothing remotely close in the total sum.

  2. Hello Friends!

    (1 failure)

    I have this error when I run react-native run-ios I think is a problem with double conversion but I could not resolve it until now.
    Hope somebody can help me I don´t want to waste more time with this issue.

  3. I'm following along but without using typescript. I'm getting an error when trying to run the App component from common/index.js. Unexpected token after return ( . Is this due to this file not being build with babel or something? Is the typescript config doing more than just converting to typescript?

    If I copy that component directly into web/src/App.js it renders fine.


  4. For anyone having trouble using wml with Windows, try using haul. Information on how to set haul up with typescript can be found here: https://callstack.github.io/haul/docs/recipes.html

    There are a few edits, namely changing the source to your actual index file ("./index.js") and changing the typscript config. Here are mine that worked for me:


    module.exports = ({ platform }, { module, resolve }) => ({

    entry: `./index.js`,

    module: {


    rules: [


    test: /.tsx?$/,

    loader: "ts-loader"





    resolve: {


    extensions: [













    "compilerOptions": {

    "allowJs": true,

    "allowSyntheticDefaultImports": true,

    "esModuleInterop": true,

    "isolatedModules": false,

    "jsx": "react",

    "lib": ["es6"],

    "moduleResolution": "node",

    "strict": true,

    "target": "esnext"


    "exclude": [







    Once installed, go to your common folder and execute `yarn link`

    Then instead of doing `yarn start` in your app folder, do `yarn haul start`.

    Also, for whatever reason I had to install react-dom as a dependency when using haul. Hope this helps because I could not for the life of me get wml to work on windows

  5. Help!
    When I initialise "MyAwesomeProject", I don't have the same files as you do. I have App.tsx, setup.js, jest.json or tsconfig.json. Additionally I have some files you dont, such as metro.config.js and a folder node_modules. Also, my package.json file is not containing any dev dependencies.
    I've tried 3 times, still the same. Please help.

  6. Awesome! I am actually building a Workout tracking app in android studio. Just stuck at the moment because I can't retrieve the content from my Firebase. Hopefully, I can get some pointers here.

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