1. Movin on up to 2 rounds of your videos since starting about 6 weeks ago. I alternate between abs and booty and rest on the weekend (yoga or walking). Many thumbs up on these – super short, easy to follow, seeing results. Thank you Maddie!

  2. Woohoo! I did two sets and my eyelashes are sweating! I got resistant bands for Christmas and this is the best workout I've found for them. Thanks for being you. Keep doing what you do 😁

  3. I LOVE your band workouts! So many “at home” suggest weights, but for someone like me, who have shoulder injuries, arm weights are not feasible. Using mini bands to keep core and leg and booty strong is perfect, also I love how you explain proper posture and why. Many videos explain how, but not why, thank you again. Keep it up! Hello from Ontario Canada!

  4. Was just about to workout and as it’s leg day and struggle to feel burn in my glutes I was JUST about to search glute activation exercises and I was like wait. Let me just check my subscriptions first. Soooo good timing! 👌🏽

  5. What a wonderful workout video. I was wondering about bands. I have a full set out of which I'm not using xxheavy. I need to upgrade it. But the ones I see are expensive like $20 plus for a single one. Any ideas?

  6. Did home workouts for two weeks so far by following your videos and loving them!!! Thank you for bringing such clean and high quality workout tutorials!!! I’m like 140lbs and I used to be 120 I was quite upset for a while but you gave me so much motivation!!

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