1. Great video! I'm excited to try to get into using rings more in my routine. I am having one issue. My forearms get raw when I do ring dips. Is this normal or bad form? Any tips are appreciated!

  2. Hey strength side, im planning on starting rings alongside my current weight lifting. Would you say it'd e better fixing these to a wall mounted pull up bar outside or build myself a wooden frame?

  3. Hey brotha, I just got my ring straps and want to start doing rings again. Been doing manfit for two months and my stamina has increased tremendously. You said to increase reps as you get stronger, how about days? You said twice a week but is three days a week or more doable in time? Thank you!

    Whoops, one more thing. How do you level the rings every time?

  4. Pumped to get back into shape. Bought myself a pair of rings to use in my apartment -it's an old mill building. I threw them over the exposed beam. Found your workout video here to be a great place to start. Thank you!

  5. Just found your channel and I’m stoked! This is exactly what I’m looking to do, improve flexibility, stretching and build a strong, yet slim, body. Just ordered my rings! Thanks for the videos and inspiration! 👍🏼👍🏼

  6. Hey Josh!
    What part of the country are you in?
    Just curious..
    Just bought some rings and getting ready to start the work. Thank you so much for your instructions!

  7. Are you in WA? That landscape and those folks walking behind you look like Washingtonians 😂 I've always wanted to try rings, but your 10lbs in 6 month video made me really consider buying some. Now I just need to find somewhere to hang them.👍

  8. Amazing video, cannot wait for the intermediate and advanced routines, these will be pretty much all I will follow along with some handstand and pistol squat work. Great channel man 🙂

  9. Really appreciate your expertise on all things fitness! Your content is fantastic, and your teaching/coaching methodology is absolutely spot-on… especially your advice to the masses on “focus on strength, not aesthetics” – pearls of wisdom, brother! I’ll be 50 in a few months, have been athletic all my life, but feel stronger, leaner and more agile than I’ve felt in decades… your coaching is at the center of it all. Would like to ask, do you have a background in gymnastics, or did you teach yourself thru self-study to build your skills/knowledge? Thanks again… keep rockin’!

  10. Dude this is the 2nd video of urs that I watched. Forsure subbed and right after watching this video I setup my own version of “ring bands” in my backyard. Keep up the content 👌🏽🙌🏽

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