1. For each exercise, I notice that there are progression moves. Do I do all of them and counts as one set or I slowly working from the easiest of each exercise and then move on to harder moves once I have more strength?

  2. I remember back in school we used to have rings and play "Gladiator". We would swing towards each other in the rings and try to pull each other down with the legs. Back then it felt like nothing when hanging in those rings but going back to it now I would get sore pretty quickly. I've recently discovered how fun it is to climb a rope so I wanna recommend that for you. The reason I like the rope is because you have a starting point and a destination you are trying to get to. Very fun!

  3. Thanks for making all these useful videos! I've just bought myself rings recently and was looking for the perfect beginner exercises. Time to get to work now! 🙂

  4. I am a very short female (5’) and my doorways are super tall.
    Is there a way to somehow connect the bar inside the doorway so i can make it lower?
    Not a tension bar – i don’t trust those – but something that’s actually bolted/screwed into each side of the doorway so that the bar can be inserted and removed at will.

  5. I really appreciate your videos cause they helped me better my form and learn a good routine/split but I recently got some resistance tubes and was wondering how to implement them into my calisthenics workout or do I do it separate?

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