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  2. some pro please help me. i have overall good body. I have a good upper body but my abs are weak as hell… i can't even do 9 sit ups, (8 is my highest tho, i tried it today). please help me. How can i make my abs strong to atleast do the workout that jeff shared in this video.

  3. My workout clearly begins with being able to lift my pelvis of the floor in the first place. How do avoid killing my spine in the process?

  4. Not sure if mentioned in a comment below but he has mentioned in a previous video to be careful of your hands helping to cheat for the first two exercise

  5. I am a beginner. I am basically having a seizure during a plank, so moving an arm during that will cost me teeth. This is not beginner shit bro.

  6. So for the last part of the workout, my stomach is still too big to allow me to do a complete sit up. Is it ok to do crunches until im able to do a complete sit up?

  7. Guys ive been doing this workout for about 4 weeks now, 4-5 times a week and ive never seen so much development on my abs also while lowering my calories and fats down significantly i am starting to get a six pack.

  8. Another great video Jeff ! I just have one question, so I have been working on my abs for about 6 months. Now I've seen a few changes, but my lower ab just pop out. I don't why it happened or how to fix it.


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