1. Basically this video gives you unusable arms, forcing you to stay in the gym. You can't open doors, drive your bike, bicycle or car. You can't use your phone to call for help.

  2. It is really great workout. When I did this exercise for the first time I was not able to move arms for 15 minutes. After doing this exercise for 3-4 days, I added little weights and it was a disastrous workout. Do it only if you have strength of Hulk.

  3. Simplified Explanation for just exercises that were covered in other vid in same playlist
    This is just a circuit of the prev exercises, doesnt do the specific anatomical explanations here

    2:38) He does the circuit with you

  4. Im 15 and have only been working out for a year now so its not like ive got experience on my belt, but so far ive just been doing hammers and shit just for forearms, and didnt know what else to do, I did the whole workout but instead of 70s i did 40's because im not an absolute monster, and let me tell you this is easily the hardest workout ive ever done and seriously destroyed my forearms, this is what im doing from now on.

  5. This has my arms absolutely screaming. Like, not just sore, but throbbing and my fingers unable to move for 20 seconds. Damn bro. Unfortunately there doesn't look to be any post-onset muscle soreness but its still brutal.

  6. Can you talk about exercises to increase strength for arm wrestling? As you normally do, also teach us about movements or positioning that are bad for your joints, ligaments, and tendons while doing those exercises. I'm new to the arm wrestling world and see many people doing very limited range of motion exercises – meant to build on only the movements used at the table, however, I do not want to depart from full range of motion exercises.

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