1. Someone with his body should know behind the head lay pull downs are bad for you when they get the same activation when pulled from the front and are proven to be safer.

  2. Always enjoy your vid postings Dylan. It good you keep us informed and up to date. Qwin needs to learn from you about keeping his fans up to date. lol ! The bod is looking good by the way. Peace Big Man.

  3. Nice dylan. At first I only wanted to do calisthenics, but when u started this series. I wanted to step on stage somedaym tnx for he motivation. Love from PHilippines

  4. I’m currently 15 and I’ve got a pretty developed chest but I carry a bit of gyno. Do you believe that it could go away and have any tips for building a chest to not have the gyno show as much?

  5. Hey I don’t know if you will respond but I have really bad love handles that contains a lot of my weight like my chest isn’t even that big can u pls tell me some work outs

    Pls like so he can help me

  6. You need to reveal your cycle after you compete. 💆🏻‍♂️

    Edit: Just curious is he went crazy on his “first” cycle. More dosn’t mean better. The less compounds you introduce the better. Longevity after all.

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