1. He is gonna stay fat forever. All that money his mom and family has makes no since to being all fat! Get over it and get a trainer and a live in chef. DO IT fat boy! What good is having all that money and you cant help yourself! Get some lipo.

  2. Bob Kardashian feels inadequate also limited in skills plus being surrounded by 5 sisters is a major problem for Rob. He also has a hidden secret plus had he not had Dream he would have committed suicide. Having a overgressive Mother like Kris’s Jenner is a major problem Dream gives Rob something to live for. DPitts

  3. I really hope he gets himself back to where he wants to be. I can’t imagine the enormous pressure he is under. I have no doubt his family love him immensely. But they honestly need to meet him where he is. You can’t tell someone they need to do “A B C & D.” They already know what they need to do but they’re just not in that place yet. Just be supportive. He’s a softer soul… just let him be.

  4. Rob was so cute when he was fat, maybe that's just the way he wanted to be, but couldnt because of the struggles that his family and the media put jim through…

  5. So what does this guy do for a living.He isn't a Role model.fir Young guy's..I suppose living in the shadows of his Sister's. A helluva shadow behind Kim & Khloe's Backsides ha ha. Joke…!!
    I can understand that been put in shadows must be difficult But what has he got to offer…Kylie puts her name to Lipstick's and young Girls spend their money wanting to look like her. First of all must get their lips pumped up…But not too much Cus no one wants to look like a porn star..eh….

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