1. People whining about this is not the way games should be, the cuts wasn't a good idea… bla bla bla…. if you have watch the games documentaries you have seen when fraser lost in the sprints one year, and then he won the one next year, why? No because the programming was different, he saw a weakness and work on it. Some athletes are use to sacrifice some events because they know they are really good at others and they can make up for it in the points distribution.
    Well I don't think that will be good enough for the games anymore.

  2. if theres going to be elimination stages then the stages need to be constructed even in both strength and running components – this was not the case, the initial stages were run dominant and that was unfair…….

  3. Ohlsen's judge was very lenient, both Fraser and Gudmundsson were getting no reps for the wrong split stance but i seen at least 2 occasions where Ohlsen wasn't called out for the same thing.

  4. commentator : 'when doing the double under, just remain consistent and make your heart rate beat lower' …. shit.. my heart beats like 250bpm when im done with just 10 DUs

  5. In terms of finding the ''fittest on earth'', i don't think the cuts help this cause… especially with the events were seeing in the first 2 days.. hardly varied… I'm seeing people in day three that people who have been cut would smoke in these events and climb back up the leader board..

    Not a true fittest on earth test overall imo.

  6. 7 events in and all the athletes cut and has been no heavy barbells and no real barbell cycling. Is crossfit headquarters trying to kill the games? This is pathetic. Maybe time for CF Headquarters to give the games to the community… or at least get rid of Castro.

  7. The splits are so aggressive, I think they got to 10 too fast. The split events have prioritised smaller, gymnast-y athletes and runners. Fewer power beasts this year, especially in the women’s cut. Would have been great to have the clean event before the cut.

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