1. Les Mills has been ripping off the public and instructors for years. Its well known as the MacDonalds of the gym industry. Clever marketing that's all. When Les Mills first started body pump in Australia they had two slogans – "It will change the shape of your body!" – really – exactly who? So doing just Body Pump will do this – utter BS and the other slogan – Go hard or go home – really great advice esp for the many new people who start or restart a fitness program every year. Every one in the industry know the retention rate is about 15% if you are lucky.
    Lets be honest if Les Mills is doing such a great job with a great product then why are people in the world getting fatter and gym membership decreasing?
    Why is there Les Mills sprint? why pay an instructor for an hour when you can pay them for half an hour? Why run a class for an hour when you can run one for half an hour?
    Someone is getting very rich at the expense of others and do they really care about you ? No – did you know when Body Pump first came out Les Mills advised 2 instructors per class- one to instruct and one to check technique.

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