1. @2:03 Amy, when I do barbell curls, my wrists and forearms usually end up sore/strained/hurting that I often can't finish the reps in my last few sets (6-8 on my 3rd and 4th) .. that feeling that my bicep could still do a curl but my forearm and wrist (and grip) just wants to give up already

    is it my grip on the bar? Or do I just need to focus on my forearms more?

  2. super nice workout, i am going to try this one too , i really like you and your workout !!
    Today is my rest day and i will begin with my trainings from tomorrow….. so , i am going to try some workout of yours and i am very exciting!!!!
    Thank you Amy !! 🙂

  3. Great workout advice! I love the barbell row doing it with one arm. Also guys you can perform it with your body perpendicular to the bar with your hand placed on the end. Hard to imagine based off reading this comment I know lol.

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