1. Wish more kids in this generation would watch these videos instead of being on social meadia comparing there life’s to others. I am 21 and can say that life is amazing now. Disciplining your behavior really is self love! God bless 🙌🏽

  2. isn't it so easy for super rich people to preach about being successful, especially an actor who by virtue of his industry, got a ' lucky break '. show me a black homeless man preaching motivation and self discipline, or man working two jobs to feed his family. There are 9 billion people on the planet, not everybody can be a millionaire, the world needs average people, or society would collapse. The hive doesn't work if every bee is a queen. If you're not super rich then don't sweat it. Every person has value if they contribute to the society in which they live. I think too many people equate success with monetary value, how wrong they are, and that is the problem with the world today.

  3. Will Smith is my ideal. This speech will change my life forever, I’m walking away from this video and I’m going to master self-discipline. I’m going to learn to love myself I’ve hated myself for so long… now it’s time to change that.

  4. I highly believe disciplined is the main ingredients to success i mean look at Manny Pacquiao this guy just pure hardwork no bullshit throwing party just pushing himself to the absolute limit

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