1. Been thinking about getting some Jay Alvarrez highlights done to my hair since I’ve let it grow the past 11 months but I’ve been a bit nervous about it, thanks for the inspiration my dude, I’ll definitely be getting it done now. Maybe make a vid on it too. Your channel inspired mine 🤙🏼

  2. Hey alex ,… I'm a huge fan of your fashion sense. I have a query regarding me. I suffer from knock knees. Please help me in posingbin pictures and with pants fitting.

  3. Alex aparte de hermoso y que
    Pareses un modelo de pasarela grasias por haser estos videos me estas ayudando con mi hijo de 14 anos a que sea mas limpio y que le guste areglarse esta fasinado con tus hilights de cabello y tu manera de vestir.Estoy muy feliz de ver tus videos que me an ayudado bastante grasias.😘

  4. Can you please do a video of what products (vitamins, hair, body, etc) that you use without a sponsorship. The sponsorships ruin it for me. You can provide information on X item, but if you get sponsored about X item it ruins everything. People want to know what you do, not what a company tells you to do.
    You make enough money without the sponsorship on YouTube, not to mention the other money you get. It would make you gain more viewers being real without the product placements, once you have a product placement, I feel like you are only giving half effort.

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